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You asked, we listened! We have answered some of the most pertinent questions of the year 2020 thus far. Don't look any further until you know the truths behind these questions. Make sure you have the correct representation for the legal issues you are faced with.

Take A Good Look Behind DUI Tests

- By Attorney Richard Lombardi

A driving under the influence, alcohol or drugs is a very serious offense which can cost you your driver's license, jail time, alcholol rehabilitation and remains on your record,...

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When Can A Field Sobriety Test Become Illegal?

- By Attorney Richard Lombardi

A good Lawyer breaks his Fourth Amendment analysis of a DUI arrest into three distinct stages: (1) the initial stop; (2) the request that the driver submit to field sobriety tests; and (3) the arrest...

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Traffic Stop Without A Warrant And The Fourth Amendement

- By Attorney Richard Lombardi

One of the most sacred rights in America is the right to be free from unwarranted physical restraint.  1  The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution  2 guarantees this right.  3 It forbids all unreasonable searches and seizures...

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Family Law - Who It Affects And To What Extent

- By attorney Richard Lombardi

In all custody proceedings in Ohio, the main concern for the court in awarding custody is the “best interest of the child.”  The “best interest of the child” test means that the courts are required to balance the ability of each parent to meet the needs of the child or children...

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A Reputation For Honesty And Integrity

Attorney Lombardi places the highest priority on clear and honest communication between himself and clients. He is recognized among thousands of satisfied clients for making himself available through the case, answering calls and returning message promptly. 

For more than 40 years, individuals and families in Portage County and neighboring counties in Central Ohio have trusted attorney Richard C. Lombardi with their legal needs. Offering a full range of services, he has earned a reputation for offering compassionate and personalized client service that only a solo law firm can provide.

If you are looking for a lawyer who focuses on efficient, cost-effective resolutions, turn to attorney Richard Lombardi. Look no further, waste no more time and contact me now for a free consultation.

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